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Mrs Shah's Curry Mix is made from a unique family recipe of 19 herbs and spices blended for the perfect curry experience.

Unlike most curry products, we do not make a sauce. Our products only contain freshly ground herbs and spices that are used to make curries in the indian sub-continent. Thats why you will always get an authentic curry using Mrs Shah's Curry Mix.

We do not use any artificial preservatives or additives. You can make a fresh curry in as little as 20 minutes (see recipes).

About Us

Back in 2008 when my wife was expecting, she was quite ill and more-or-less in bed for 6 weeks. For the first few weeks my children and I were basically living off take-aways as I had never cooked in my life (well the last time I cooked was in 1995 as a student when I managed to burn a pre-cooked pizza in the oven!). I realised that I couldn't carry on feeding the kids all the junk that I was happy to eat.

Over the years I had watched my wife cook some amazing currys in a relatively short time. I decided that I would cook a curry for the kids and my wife. My wife managed to measure out the spices into a pot for me and gave me step-by-step instructions. And hey presto, I managed to cook up a curry that was upto her standard. Now my friends and family cannot believe that someone like me, who never cooked for 35 years of his life, is cooking up such gourmet delights.

One of my friends used to complain about not being able to make a good standard and tasty curry at home. After tasting my curry I gave him a pot of the curry mix with cooking instructions. He couldn't believe how quick and simple it was to make, let alone how much better it tasted than the currys he had been making.

The same friend asked for some more pots of the curry mix to give out to some of his friends and family and the feedback he got was excellent and we were soon getting orders from people. We therefore thought of producing the curry mix to sell to a wider audience. And here we are today.



Extra Hot

Twice the heat of the Hot variety but still all the same flavours.


This is the equivalent of a Madras curry. So if you like your currys with a little bit extra oomph but with all the flavours that go with a good curry then this is for you.


This curry is perfect for all those who love a good curry with a mouth watering taste but don't want it too spicy.


Due to customer demand we have introduced a new mild variety. All the same mouth watering taste with half the chilli of the medium.

Extra Mild

This is the starter level for people who like all the flavours of a curry but with very little heat.

Just follow our standard recipe on the back of the packs and use FryLight with skinless chicken or vegetables.

Note: This product must be cooked before consumption.


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